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They are made from maasai glass beads accessorized with /without charms depending on the customer preferences with an additional 5inches chain extension already attached. (Example: -if your waist size is 30inches the total inches will be(35inches) can be adjusted however you like. It has a stainless steel lobster claw/screw hooks.


They are made according to the customer’s waist size. Please measure your waist to ensure that beads sit on the area that you desire.

Do you want them high on your waist, down on your hip or right at your belly button?

How to wear them

The best thing about waist beads is how individual they are. You can wear as many strands of beads as you like and you can wear for whatever reason you want. They are a powerful means of self-expression.

Color meaning

·         Blue-healing, harmony, truth

·         Brown-earth, stability

·         Green-prosperity, fertility, hope, healing

·         Red-Passion, bravery, confidence

·         White-light, truth

·         Yellow-Wisdom, energy, joy