About us

Welcome to The Home of Africa!

CULTURE HUB by Muthoni Unchained is your one-stop shop for beautiful African handicrafts and culture items. 

We provide a safe shopping experience where you can easily access a variety of authentic African crafts in culture, fashion and art. All our pieces are hand made and collected from all over Africa creating a diversified offering of culture and unique taste.

Our marketplace congregates talented African creators that bring together the finest materials to produce stunning designs.

Our mission is to make African crafts more accessible to the global market and transform the lives of our local communities with the purpose of supporting Artisanal Arts in Africa.

Get to Know Us


I love stories and storytelling! African stories are especially the most interesting to me. African crafts have the unique ability to tell these stories so beautifully, and leave you wanting for more!

Jennifer Nyambogo



I’m fascinated by the amazing skills and talent Africans have in handmade crafts. Even more exciting is the story behind the materials and process of making these unique pieces that makes you want to own all of them.

Pauline Kariuki



Since I was Young, I would adorn my grandmother’s and mom’s jewelry which had deep rooted histories in our culture. This sparked my interest in African artisanal arts and what they have to offer to the world.

Ivy Kinyanjui

Customer Experience


I am intrigued by the cultural sphere in its entirety. There is so much diversity in our way of life and nothing brings out the beauty of the African culture as in its handicrafts. Their creation is inspired by unique and authentic stories that should be shared beyond borders.

Diana Githu

Business Development

Our Story

We are an African owned business founded over our shared love for African craftsmanship and traditional art. We wanted to share this love with the world and create economic opportunities for African artisans and creators, and their families, whilst sharing our culture globally one handicraft at a time!

We are passionate about telling African stories

 through our culture items and work with our local communities to curate and preserve Africa's diverse cultural heritage. 

A percentage of each sale goes towards our Dada pad-drive initiative. Empowering young girls in our communities to change the narrative and take control of their destiny.